How to take control of your emotions negative(“To Be Well”)


How to take control of your emotions negative(To Be very Well)

We all have our insecurities in some form or another. You’re a human being and that’s fine.

But here’s the thing, it’s not the insecurities that are the problem, it’s how you deal with them as a man.

Do you hide them deep within yourself and whenever pressure is applied they spring up and manifest themselves in some uncontrollable outburst?

Maybe you try to play off your insecurities by playing tricks or lying to yourself?

Or do you just let your insecurities get the best of you in any situation and you have no control over your own actions? It’s all about how you deal with them that matters. If something is really bothering you and you want to get it handled, don’t be ashamed to get help.

A great starting point is to get books on the issue that you may be dealing with. A good book can do wonders for helping you to solve your inner conflicts, and there are thousands of self-help books that can give you some pretty rock solid advice.

Also, if there is someone you trust that can help you with an issue, then don’t be afraid to ask him or her (preferably “him”) for help. If it seems to be a serious relationship or intimacy issue, I’d advise counselling or pastoral help as opposed to just anybody. Or better yet, be open and honest about it with the woman in your life.

A good woman is one that will support you even though you may have weaknesses and emotional insecurities. And her supporting you will be based on how you decide to deal with your inner conflicts. Remember that becoming a better man isn’t about becoming Mr. Perfect.

No man is flawless in every area of his life, and a really good woman knows this.

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